Thursday, May 19, 2005

Safe European Home

Have I missed something or are Conor Lenihan's remarks getting far more press and public comment than the plight of the Turkish workers, as raised by Joe Higgins, did in the first place? Which is the bigger crime? A TD making a fool of himself or immigrant workers being denied the same rights as the rest of us?

Dermot should have scolded him a bit, though, and stolen some of Joe Higgins' thunder in order to reclaim some credibility for the government on the plight of migrant workers in this country (they have zero in my book). Of course, sadly, despite the one-day outcry, there's no votes for anyone on this issue - so all the more respect to Joe for highlighting it.

However this is the same Joe Higgins that went to prison for his belief that the rest of us should subsidise the people of Dublin to generate as much waste as they like (bad), but urged a no vote on the citizenship referendum (good). Is it me that's odd or the Socialists?...
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