Tuesday, May 24, 2005


People reading this a while may have noticed that I work in the Drug Industry. They may also have noticed that I believe in Scientific method - research, theorise, experiment, analyse, prove or disprove. They may also have noticed that I have absolutely no truck with alternative medicine and the like. Well, today one of the shift-workers was telling me about his two-year-old son who's suffering from diabetes and how it breaks his heart to have to inject the child with insulin as he thinks his son will view his father as a man who causes him pain. Then he told me about how one of the chemical analysts working on his shift in our plant told him to bring his son to some bloke "who heals with bio-energy" to make his son "feel better". I blurted out that I was sorry and that this stuff is just bollox and a waste of money that he'd be better off spending bringing his son to a circus or a playground or something. When I said it he looked a little crushed, as if I'd just snatched away a small nugget that was making him feel better. I felt bad, but what really bothers me (again) is that there are people with scientific educations still capable of separating their training from their intellect like this. It's pathetic. Does nobody bother to try to understand the implications of what they learn?...
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