Friday, May 06, 2005

Anarchy In The UK

What are Sinn Fein's policies? What are the DUP's? How do they intend bringing investment into Northern Ireland? How are they going to increase the tax take and what will they spend the money on? What is the purpose of the Education system? What sort of people do they want their children to grow up to be? Should the Health Service be so heavily subsidised or is an American model preferable? Is decentralisation from Belfast a good idea? How should Northern Ireland's waste problem be managed? How are ethnic minorities treated? Should immigration be encouraged or prevented? What role does Northern Ireland play in the EU.

Does anyone, anywhere know the answer to any of these questions and all the others I could have posed? No, because the North is a fucked up, diseased little shithole of a place. Never mind the 800 years of oppression or the 50 years of discrimination or the 25 years of troubles or the 10 years of peace. Right now, what have Northerners actually voted for? They haven't a bloody clue. I've asked some and they really don't know. All they know is that, if they think they're loyal Brits, they vote DUP and if they're patriotic, Celtic-loving, GAAaaahh watching Oirishmen they vote for the Shinners. The highest turnouts anywhere in the UK yet politics, as anyone else in the civilised world would understand it, simply doesn't exist - Socialism? Capitalism? Left-wing? Right-wing? Libertarian? Social Justice? Big government? Small government? Middle class? Working Class?... Politics? You're having a laugh.

Look at that map, complete with a small island of green in Belfast surrounded by a sea of brown. Post-war Germany couldn't have been carved up any neater. Well they've chosen it themselves so they deserve everything that's coming to them. They could have voted for their shared interests as a country or even their local, parochial interests like we do in the South (which I despise myself but at least it's real politics) but no, they vote on tribal lines so they get tribal mouthpieces. Really, it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of fuckwits.
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