Tuesday, April 19, 2005

You'll Never Walk Alone

Well they didn't win, but it was a great game to be at (Xabi Alonso is a fantastic player, goodbye Gerrard?). It was the 16th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy as well, which added an extra poignancy to the occasion(there was an impeccably observed minute's silence before the game). All this, remember, following two weeks of remembrance of the Heysel tragedy as well.

I must say I loved Liverpool. Everybody was so friendly - bar staff, waiters, taxi drivers, Anfield stewards, police. That last one's not a joke - I asked a policewoman where a good area to go out in would be, I wasn't arrested or anything. I'm not sure it's the sort of city couples would enjoy... I'll leave that train of thought there although I will say that I've never in my life had two girls argue over who was going to have me in Ireland!

If anyone reading this is interested, I stayed in a Premier Travel Inn in the city centre, clean, comfortable, reasonable rates and slap bang in the city centre. As well as the football, I went to the Albert Docks (restored docklands), which is full of bars and restaurants and also has the Tate Gallery and Beatles Museum. The docks is a 5 - 10 minute stroll from the city centre. In the city must of the bars, restaurants and clubs seem to be in the Cavern Quarter or Concert Square.

Topic for next post (following another anger fuelled drive to and from Dublin) - why are Irish drivers, and in particular those from Cork, so completely shit?
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