Thursday, April 14, 2005

You'll Never Walk Alone

I'm heading to Liverpool early tomorrow morning from Dublin Port for Saturday's Premiership game between Liverpool and Spurs. I've never been to Liverpool despite supporting them since I was a kid. My father isn't into football and so was never going to take me over and, once I was old enough to go myself, I was perpetually broke and never really in a position to go. So this is the first of (hopefully) many trips - especially as Ryanair are now flying to Liverpool from Cork. God bless Ryanair, I say. I've had a couple of dozen flights with them at this stage and they've never let me down. Me and public transport seem to get on just fine.

The 'pool were absolutely excellent last night - beating the Italians at their own game. It wasn't the visual feast that was the first half of the game in Anfield but it was a master class in disciplined football. The punters around me in the pub weren't too inspired by it all, but then I've long since been convinced that most Irish people know sweet FA about the Beautiful Game.

Anyway the gits better win on my first visit to Anfield!
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