Tuesday, April 19, 2005

If God Will Send His Angels

Well Cardinal Ratzinger has just been announced as the new Pope Benedict XVI. My initial reaction is of slight dissapointment. I'm no expert on the man but I don't think he has been called the Rottweiler for nothing.

I don't believe that the Church has to evolve to suit first world individualism/greed but I do think a pope capable of connecting with people's spirituality is necessary and I think this pope may be a little too politicised for that. A pope that concentrates on Christ's basic message would do more in these times than a pope arguing strongly on narrow points of doctrine.

I would have preferred a third world pope myself although, again, my reasoning there would be pretty vague. Still, if my history is up to scratch, the last Benedict was a man of peace who tried, on numerous occasions to halt the senseless imperial slaughter that was World War 1. Maybe there's something in his choice of name?
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