Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I've added a few links over. I'm glad I found the National Council Against Health Fraud site. I know Homeopathy, for example, is bollox but it always helps to have professionals articulate the proof / reasoning for you. The fact that I keep Francis Wheen's Mumbo Jumbo book at the top of my list is evidence of my complete commitment to the Enlightenment. I suppose I better point out that, yes, I choose to believe in God, as I've said before, but having the faith to attribute the creation of the universe and its evolution to a Supreme Being is on a slightly different level to believing, for example, that some middle-aged gipsy woman can predict your future by playing with a deck of cards! I've also added a link for fallacious arguments. There's nothing worse in a discussion when someone resorts to "well you can't prove that it doesn't..." when the onus of proof is on the proponent...
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