Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Last week a fella that was in my class in school died, apparently overcome by fumes while printing t-shirts. We always got on but were never great mates or anything. It was still a shock though and reinforced a conversation I'd been having only the day before I found out that life really is easy to extinguish.

There was about 95 boys in my year (Leaving Cert. of 1994) and I'll always remember a priest we had teaching us saying that within five years he would have attended at least one of our funerals (the conversation wasn't as morbid as that quote sounds - it was more of a "value life" conversation). That moment has stuck with me, and others, over the years. As it happens this guy, Emmet McGorman, is the first of us to pass away, nearly 11 years later.

Emmet was a nice lad and was always up for a chat the rare times we met since school. God rest him.
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