Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Stay Free

To the people of Iraq - well bloody done! A level of bravery and courage, in the face of uncompromising bullying and brutality, I don't think I've ever seen in my lifetime.

Have we seen the path of history changed in the Middle East? Afghanistan, Palestine and now Iraq have had successful elections and each face what is potentially a much brighter future than they were in, say, 1999.

The Americans have made LOADS of mistakes but, in general, it is they who have made this happen and (unfortunately) they have shown the UN up to be impotent and have made the EU (as a group and the big European nations in particular) look jealous, cynical and totally self interested. Europe just does not have a foreign policy, never mind the stomach to implement one.

And to the people of Ireland, who seem to have replaced their anti-Britishness with rabid anti-Americanism, are you even remotely generous of spirit? Can you see what a great thing has happened without collapsing into a sneering contempt for George W? I doubt it.
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