Monday, February 21, 2005


I've had the DTs all day yesterday and today - after being out on the beer Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. I went to see Jason Byrne in the Comedy Club in Cork on Saturday night. I was in stitches, which is all you can ask for really! He seemed to move effortlessly between planned material and improvised audience interaction seamlessly. Very impressive. The night club there - City Limits - used to be very popular apparently but very few people hung around after the gig, which is a shame because the setup and music are a lot better there than the busy clubs in town.

Let there be no mistake - Cork is an absolute dump when it comes to nightclubs. Rearden's is the main late night disco bar with "live" music fairly regularly from some of the most pitiful session bands you'll ever have the misfortune to come across. The Qube is a bit better, but not much. Havana Brown's and Cubins are the main pay in, queue for over priced drink and hear all the very worst chart music sorts of places - i.e. shiteholes. For a bit of alternative there was the Half Moon Theatre but that seems to have stopped weekend club nights whereas the Savoy Theatre has reopened after a two-year hiatus. Not sure yet if it cuts the mustard though.

RTE travel show No Frontiers showed a piece from Cork last week. Nine minutes of TV did absolutely feck all for the place. It was so bad that the presenter had to resort to taking a bus to kiss the Blarney Stone. The British travel shows stopped showing such hackneyed rubbish in the '80s. It did absolutely nothing to suggest that Cork is a viable alternative destination to Dublin, Galway or even Belfast or wee Kilkenny. If I was a local I would be raging (their pride in their home town has to be seen to be believed and is quite admirable - even if it's more of an anti-Dublin badge than anything else).

The oddest part of the weekend, though, was Friday night in the aforementioned Rearden's (wasn't my idea!). Towards the end of the night a girl came up to me that recognised me from seeing me talking to a friend of hers (that works with me) out the week before. Anyway she decided to tell me that she heard that I had a big ego and a crush on another girl from work (which is true, although I think I've gotten over the worst of it). She told me that my gay mate from work had said about the crush. I hope it wasn't him who said I had an ego. I'm a little afraid that they might have got that right if they got the crush thing right.

I don't think I can be considered egotistical, though. It's more that I'm opinionated and quite blunt and direct. I'm not trying to professionally psycho-analyse all Irish people but I definitely feel that people in the rural west and south of the country are more evasive and less sincere in everyday conversation than people in the north and east. After all it's they that call it being cute. Does being told I have a "big ego" bother me? Well, it depends on who said it. I don't have much time for a lot of people I work with, but I have a lot of time for some so...
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