Friday, February 04, 2005

Operation U2 Ticket Acquisition - Success!

Indeed it was a success - two seated tickets for both the Friday and Saturday night gigs. I wanted standing tickets but I'm not complaining. I was tenth in line having arrived at 8pm (a full 12 hours to wait sitting on the pavement in the cold). The lads around me were all pretty good craic and two sisters - Carrie and Eve - were very good fun considering the majority of lads around them. I spent a lot of the time debating with myself whether I wanted to ask Carrie out or not. In the end I didn't. The time didn't go so badly but I only managed about 40 minutes of shut-eye so I'm in a bit of a heap typing this now. I'll see how long I last.

All standing tickets were sold-out by about 8:07 (just before I reached the counter) and all tickets were gone within half an hour, I think. Queuing was the right thing to do alright - a lot of my mates have come up short and all seem to think I've a magic pot of tickets for them cos I queued. Well I don't!

The only hairy moment was when some drunk middle-aged dude seemed to get a load of blankets from the homeless shelter and dump himself in the middle of us. Then he kept going on about how he'd like to see his wife and kids but the law was preventing him... Blah, blah you couldn't make head nor tale of the chap. But he was then joined by two younger, nastier alcos. There was a sigh of relief when they had all buggered off that's for sure.

Anyway mission accomplished! (thanks for the whooping Mr. American at the back...)
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