Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Last Gang In Town

Slate has an article up about the 25th anniversary re-release of The Clash's seminal London Calling LP. London Calling is definitely one of the best rock records of all time (personally I think it wipes the floor with anything the Beatles ever did) but these days the Clash just don't seem to capture the general imagination of the music buying public.

When Britpop exploded in the mid-90s the constant Beatles / London 60s revival references were very clear to all. Yet now, when so many bands are doing well out of the templates laid down by the Clash and subsequently, say, Joy Division (the Killers, Interpol, Razorlight to name three of the better ones) there's still no acknowledgement of how much the post-punks have contributed to new music. Maybe they're just not radio friendly.

Still Britpop died the death it deserved and the new music is definitely better. Who references the Beatles now? "Phoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust..."!

I'm going out now to watch the match. Not the egg-chasing of course, but the Carling Cup Final between Chelsea and Liverpool. I really think the 'pool can take it - here's hoping.
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