Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Until the End of the World

"Civilised peoples who yearn for freedom from "imperialists", "colonial powers" and "occupiers" usually resort to armed struggle when it has become clear (to them) that such armed, violent struggle is the only means of securing their freedom. The so-called insurgents in Iraq have not given post-Saddam Iraq a chance to succeed, a chance to be all things to all men. Iraq could have been (and hopefully still might be) a beacon for freedom and democracy in the region. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the initial American invasion it is not them who are preventing progress right now.

They have been occupiers for less than 2 years and can hardly be considered to have had the chance either to leave a secure, independent Iraq OR act like colonial pillagers. The insurgency hasn't given post-Saddam Iraq a chance because they are afraid that what develops will not be to their liking. They want to impose their will on the country without giving the people any sort of chance to decide for themselves. That makes them Fascists. To support the insurgency BEFORE the Iraqis were given any chance to build a nation with U.S. assistance is to support Fascism."

As posted by moi on Johann Hari's article A leading Iraqi trade unionist has been murdered. Where is the left? following some seriously heated debate among others. Christopher Hitchens makes a similar (if far broader, more eloquent and better articulated!...) point in today's Slate.

I'm up since 8am and I've had nothing to eat yet, but then I've been dossing on the internet for over two hours at work now as well!
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