Friday, January 07, 2005

Drug Stabbing Time

Back at work after a pretty quiet holiday. Caught 'flu the day after St. Stephen's Day and I'm only really getting over it now. The amount of people who've said to me "I had the 'flu, I was on antibiotics" has been pretty amazing. They're either lying or their doctors should be struck off because, as any fule kno, antibiotics are useless on viruses. Two of these people have Chemistry degrees as well. The amount of people (women mostly, it has to be said) who seem to separate the science they've learned from their own reality baffles me. People... ok, women that earn PhDs in scientific disciplines that then attend faith healers and homeopathy lectures and believe astrology and other guff unquestioningly don't deserve to be taken seriously. All they have proven is that they have learned something, not that they actually know something.

Anyway that was a diversion. The company newsletter includes an "In the News" section where references to the company made in the media are highlighted. This week's includes the following:

The pharmaceutical business behaves like Santa, yet gets treated like Scrooge. That's the conclusion of syndicated political analyst Deroy Murdock in a recent column. "Last year alone, nine major drug companies donated $2.135 billion in products and services to combat HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria and other tropical ailments," Murdock writes. (Washington Times, 12/27.)

Fine, except I've seen my company's portfolio and there is nothing there for TB, malaria and other tropical ailments and the only HIV/AIDS drugs are either still in development (one was recently sold back to its patent holder as it was deemed to be not profitable enough) or have been bypassed by other companies' improved drugs.

Still, in fairness, if what they tell us about donations to the tsunami relief effort is true, they are being as generous as some small nations! $10 million in cash and a supply of antibiotics, anti-fungals and anti-inflammatories.

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