Sunday, September 26, 2004

Somebody Got Murdered

Damn it all! I just can't post my ramblings as often as I would like. I don't want to look for 'net access at work in case I start dossing but the whole purpose of starting this blog was to record my random thoughts - and I just ain't doing that. I'm still single so I spend a lot of time in my own company and that allows my mind to wander, constantly, to thinking about the big picture and what the big picture might actually be. I'm more confused now than at any time in my life, yet I'm leading quite a serene, relaxed existence. Why? Because I just don't give a damn about the mundane rubbish that seems to exercise people so much from day to day. How very snobbish of me!

Life is cheap and, when I get a chance, I'm going to have to thrash that thought out. Right now an Englishman working in Iraq is being held hostage and is being threatened with decapitation by his kidnappers (no excuses, no 'freedom fighter' bullshit, they are scum...). His plight has not left our TV screens for the last week and God only knows what it must be like to be him yet his two co-hostages, Americans, have both been beheaded by their captors and you would think they never existed for all the coverage that got in comparison to the Englishman's. What makes one life more valuable than another? How come twenty people get killed in a bomb blast and forgotten within hours (as happened in Baghdad on Friday) yet the fate of one man is the central story (he's still alive as I type)...

I've just finished another great book, Black Earth by Andrew Meier. This is an absolutely fascinating portrait of Russia today, me being quite the Russophile for some reason I've never really understood (though I hope it's not because I felt hostile to America even as a child growing up!). I've just submitted a review to Amazon so read it.
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