Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Until The End Of The World

The disaster in the Indian Ocean once again reminds us of the need for effective international agencies to deal with massive humanitarian disasters and the UN is clearly the only means available to the world right now. Have the first world nations been slow and "stingy" with their responses to appeals for aid so far? Of course. Have those on America's right wing bitten their tongues and laid off the UN bashing for a few days having realised that, without a UN, the response to the disaster would be painfully slow and uncoordinated? Of course not.

The quote that makes the point...

"I just looked and it's [donations to American Red Cross via Amazon] headed toward $400,000 already. Doesn't look stingy to me. I wonder if any of 'em were U.N. employees . . ." - Mr. Reynolds demonstrates how easy it is to jibe cash out of yanks.

Meanwhile Matt Yglesias pointed out on St. Stephen's Day, the day of the disaster that "none of the US television news programs seem to feel this is worth covering". Well, that's good to know. It's about 3 1/2 days since the disaster now and what has Mr. Bush had to say? Precisely nothing. Probably still trying to make sense of the map.

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