Saturday, December 25, 2004

Happy Christmas

This has definitely been the most Christmassy Christmas Day I can remember. Up at 9am to bright blue skies and clean crisp snow on the ground (it lashed rain and wind yesterday). As darkness has fallen this afternoon the snow showers have started again. It's all very pretty - if you're inside beside the fire.

I made my annual trip to Mass as well. I don't attend Mass normally, for no other reason than I'm too lazy and out of the habit but today's was a very nice service complete with a very impressive choir. At the end the priest asked for all the children to go up to the altar and he asked them who else had come the night before other than Santa to which one little girl replied "the reindeer"! When he got the answer he wanted (Jesus, if you have to ask) he got them to sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus with the help of the choir. All very sweet.

Got two tickets to Interpol in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin in April. Dead cool! Got a singing, dancing Homer Simpson in a Santa suit as well (my second).

And now, having spent half the day teaching my sister how to get music onto her new Philips IPod wannabe, I'm about to sit down to the Turkey...
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