Tuesday, December 21, 2004


A thought on Christmas:

"...Christmas is over-commercialized and all - but compared to what? America is over-commercialized, or hasn't anyone noticed? And at least during Christmas, people are channeling their rampant consumerism into generosity and good will toward their friends and family, rather than the usual self-centered buying habits that keep our economy humming so smoothly."

For "America" we can read any country in the First World, including my own. It is still possible to respect all that is good about Christmas and basic Christian values AND to realise it has been over-commercialised AND to not punish or degrade the feast itself because of a commercialisation that is, in fact, always with us.

A thought for me to remember:

"Sometimes intelligence doesn’t equate to intellect and sometimes intellect doesn’t equate to wisdom."
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